Monday, 16 May 2011

Look by Bipa Brushes - Haul

Look by Bipa launched a few brushes in a perfect colour combo - white neon pink!!!!

I got a few, of course.. *gg*

I really like the look of these. I haven't tried them yet, but they feel really soft and nice. They smell like pure plastic though. Let's see how they smell after I washed them.

I was tempted to get the eyeshadow and lip brush as well, but well, the lip brush was okay, but I wanted to be a good girl.
I would have bought the eyeshadow brush, if it wouldn't have looked exactly like the lip brush. Wonder who designed that one..

Did you get any?



amusedPolish said...

got the kabuki as well, soooooooooooooo soft <3

Lilly said...

I want to get these brushes so bad but they did not find their way to my province-bipa jet.

CopyCat said...

I am going to get some just for fun :) but I think the brushes will be low quality

Godfrina said...

Oi, wonder if our store has them by now, last time - a few weeks back - they only had the display and some sad leftovers of the old brushes.

You didn't take a picture of the eyeshadow brush? I am quite interested in that one... Hm, should I quickly pop down... :P

Anonymous said...

I bought the Kabuki and well - I like :)

Lily said...

OMG, those are gorgeous O__O !!!

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