Saturday, 7 May 2011

Maybelline Jade Colossal Cat Eyes Volum'Express Mascara Haul & Review

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago L'Oréal kindly sent me some products for reviewing. All my opinions are honest, as always. This is what I got:

All of these are products, which were released only a few weeks ago.

Today I'm gonna talk about the Colossal Cat Eyes Volum'Express Mascara:

To keep it simple - I LOVE it! In all honesty, I gotta say I didn't expect that. When I first opened it I was a bit wary if I could be fond of this brush:

Not the most usual shape, but this is actually freaking amwesome! The "bridge" shape is perfect for the upper lashes, it seperates wonderfully, gives length and volume. For the lower lashes, I usually switch it to get a u shape - like you see it in the pic - and with this you reach every tiny lash.

And the best part - NO fall down at all. I always have troubles with mascara wandering down during the day, but this one stays put, all day! Yesterday I cried and after that I looked in the mirror expecting a disaster, nothing moved, it was like nothing had happened!!

I'm really blown away by the quality, I can really recommend it!!! It's 9,95€ which is more than okay, so my advice: if you need a new mascara, go buy this one! You won't be disappointed.

I'll talk about the other products in the next couple of days and I'm gonna do a video on this haul as well.


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