Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Müller Haul

When I read the short passage about my blog in WIENERIN magazine, I was more worried than happy. I didn't or don't want people to believe I'm a brainless shopping monster, who can't walk by a product which seems interesting. After the weekend I gotta admit that this description might be dead on after all.. *gg*

My purchase:

In my defence, all these items are justifiable..
  • Got2b Rockin'it dry shampoo: I have no dry shampoo and I wanted to try one
  • Essence Blossoms liquid blush: I have no liquid blush and it seems to be a cute colour
  • Catrice Sun bronzing powder: a matte bronzer with is perfect for contouring, contouring is important
  • Catrice Lashes to kill: I needed a new one and this has many awesome reviews
  • 4 nail polishes (3 essence, 1 catrice) okay, no excuse for these.. But I mean I didn't have the exact same colours and I needed a new super-bonding base coat
  • Catrice eyeshadow base: I need a new one and I have oily lids, a necessity
  • Catrice liner brush, Essence blender brush: you can never have too many brushes
How good am I at finding reasons? *gg* Reviews and swatches will follow soon..



boble said...

oh hoarder lol :D

Chirufus said...

I'm looking forward to the liquid blush review. Nice haul, it doesn't need any reasons ;)

Chinda-chan said...

Ich liebe den Müller auch. :-D

Hast du das Trochenshampoo schon getestet? Wie ist es denn? :-)