Monday, 25 April 2011

Updated Nail Polish Storage System

Hey lovelies,

How are you? I'm so happy to be in Retz and that I can breathe again. The last couple of days were very exhausting and painful. My mums dog, with whom I grew up and naturally love is a senior now and she has water in her lungs..
She is old and her heart doesn't work right anymore, so all we can do is give the best we can and try to make her life as long as possible happy and without pain.
The last few days, while all my other family members unfortunately were on holiday, I spent the most time in the emergency pet clinic. The warmer the weather gets the harder it is for her to breathe. She's better now, but it seems I always have to be the strong one for our family...

But now enough about me. Can you remember when I first showed you my wand displays for my polishes: Nail Polish Storage

Well my collection grew, haven't thought it would be possible that I fill up all the shelves *gg* But it happened:

I need more shelves.. *g* I need two large ones for new polishes and two small ones for my pigments and my nail treatments.

What do you think?



Mia said...

wow! is there a colour that you don't already own? seriously.. that's IMPRESSIVE! I'd love to play with those :-)



Barb said...

No Zoya?

Guinevere said...

@Barb: second picture, last row, right side *gg* they are not that easy to get, but I have a few on my wishlist

@Mia: there are a ton of colours I don't own *gg* There always will be.. ;-)

. said...
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miu nguyen said...

Where did you get these shelves?! They're great for polishes! ♥

I've also got a tiny collection of nail polishes, but didn't find any good solutions to store them...