Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thoughts on MAC's Surf Baby + Preview Night

So yesterday was the Surf Baby Preview Night and it was kinda weird.. I came a little bit late and the place was almost empty, there were like 5 people.. But at least I saw amusedPolish again. :-)

Pics of the displays:

I can't find my camera, which freaks the hell out of me, so unfortunately only crappy I-Phone pictures..

I was most excited for the flower powder, Hibiscus lipstick, the nail polishes, Surf Baby eyeshadow and the bronzing sticks. After taking a closer look nothing was as awesome as expected.. Hibiscus isn't as unique as I thought and Surf Baby looks pretty, but nothing special. The nude polish does exactly look like the Models Own Nude Beige and the blue polish is nice, but again nothing unique.  
The bronzing sticks indeed have an amazing colour pay off, but are quite dark and I have the creme bronzer from To The Beach which is almost the same, so this was a pass as well.

I'm really proud that I was able to skip the collection and save some money. *g* Nevertheless, it's hard.. I just love special packaging..



Lilly said...

I'm so proud of you that you did not buy anything!!!!! *hugs*
Regarding the fact that they did not sent invitations to all their regular customers but called them the same day in the afternoon some of them might had other plans for the evening already ;-) That explains the (kinda) emptyness when you got to the store.

Guinevere said...

Thanks, that's so sweet, it was hard and there still are items that are flying around in my head - the bronze sticks especially.. I think it might be best to avoid the MAC counter for the rest of the month gg

Kirschblüte said...

war auch dort - schade dass wir uns nicht gesehen haben...

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