Saturday, 30 October 2010

OPI Cuticle Pusher Haul+Review

You all know how I love my nail designer Barbara, she's just an angel.

We talked about my horribly brittle natural nails and also about my cuticles, they are horrendous as well. I hate them, I asked about a recommendation for a cuticle pusher and she showed me the one from OPI and used it on me.

It was divine!!! Such a great product, she used Avoplex Cuticle Exfoliator which kinda dissolves the cuticle skin that is too much and afterwards she used this pusher and the OPI Dexterity Nail Cleaner. It was such an amazing result.

The pusher retails in Austria, hold your breath, for 65€ or more, no joke! I bought it only for about 25€ including shipping, which is stil a lot, but I need a high quality product for my horrible nail situation. I bought the dual sided one, which means you have a large side and a smaller one:

Looks massive doesn't it? I wanna buy the Exfoliating Treatment next and after that the nail cleaner. :-)


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