Friday, 22 October 2010

A plea to all nail polish lovers located in Vienna, Austria or Germany

PLEASE, PLEASE don't shop at this fucking Micky Nails store. I hope you'll excuse my language but I was soo mad today.

I went there, huge mistake, and this asshole of owner kicked me out for the felony of "just" looking. He said to me after I looked and looked and didn't buy anything, cause I realised they had raised the prices again, that I cause him "troubles" and I am "stealing" his time and I should go somewhere else to just look. I bought polishes worth 75€ the last time I was there.

I mean WHAT THE FUCK, such assholes... I absolutely HATE it when people are unfriendly or in this case assholes without a reason.. This shop has no more than three customers per day..

I also heard from a trustworthy resource very bad thing about the quality of their naildesign. I usually don't talk bad about people, but they deserve it. If you consider going there for that, I would think twice..

So if you are looking for polishes out there that they have and you consider buying from them, PLEASE contact me first and I will find a place or store with you who carries them as well. A store who deserves earning money..



amusedPolish said...

I saw that they've raised their prices- opi for 12€? I can get them elsewhere cheaper (but the latest collections didn't wow me so I haven't bought them)

I mean the kaleidoscope&omg were 7€ once when they opened... now 10€ something

Mostly I buy them elsewhere in an german shop...
sad to see how they treat other customers....
maybe we should bulk-order or at least make "sammelbestellungen" to avoid them (though me not having paypal is a good and bad thing ;) )

Guinevere said...

yeah giving me a credit card and paypal was probably one of the badest ideas ever.. lol

I wouldn't mind ordering together and split shipping costs that way. Though I have to wait a little before I can buy stuff again, I just ordered the Tis The Season collection from China Glaze..

Kyouya said...

What a mean owner!! I hate it when that happens, like I can't look or I had to have my mind made up before I entered the store. I'm a teen and people think as soon as I enter a shop, that I'm a hooligan or something like that... so I feel you,well sort of.... :)

Lilly said...

what an ASSHOLE! I'm glad I never ordered from them. I thought about it once but now I really am glad that I didn't.
I'm speechless.

Guinevere said...

@Kyouya I know what you mean, it's not our generation that is racist and mean, it's theirs, with their prejudices and hate..

@Lilly I was speechless as well, I wish I would have known what to say but in those moments you'Re just too shocked..