Monday, 25 October 2010

My Nail Polish Storage System

I FINALLY found the nail polish wall displays!!!!!!!

I've seen them already once 3 years ago on , yes 3 freaking years, but exactly at the time when I wanted to order them they were discontinued.

I was devastated. But I kept looking on their homepage from time to time, just if they might came back and they did!!!!!!!!

So a few weeks ago I ordered three to make sure that I have enough. One large display officially fits about 90 polishes, depending on the size of the polishes. Since I don't own only OPI polishes, mine hold more than 100. :-)Each costs 32,99€ which I think is a good price :-)

And here they are:

The pic without the flash is lighter and nicer to look at, but the one with flash is definitely more colour accurate.

The third one is already put up and ready to be filled :-)

Aren't those gorgeous??



Lilly said...

omg. i love this! I think I may have to get one of those. I don't have that many nail polishes but as my collection keeps growing I think I may have to re-organise them and this just looks perfect!

Guinevere said...

It is darling!! It is so worth it, put them up on a place where the sunlight doesn't hit them, that's bad for polishes :)

Storage Geek said...

I used your top photo as a great example of using acrylic shelves at my Storage Geek blog.

Hope that is ok, cheers, Melissa aka The Storage Geek