Sunday, 3 October 2010

Orly vs. Essence

I bought the gorgeous Orly Halleys Comet some weeks ago as you might know and three days ago I saw an uneblievably similar polish by Essence named choose me!:

Wicked right??

But let's take a closer look:

left: Orly, right: Essence

When you look closer you see there is much more depth in Orlys than in Essences polish. I even applied two more coats on the finger with the Essence polish, trying to find out if that would make any difference, but no.

Nevertheless, those twos are super-similar.. Like brothers *g* Essence's choose me! is lighter and has more golden and green particles in it. Orly's Halleys Comet is finer and has an more interesting overall effect in my opinion. I am prefering this one, but there is still a wide gap when it comes to price. Orly costs 12€, while Essence not even 2€.

Own these? What is your opinion?


1 comment:

Chinda-chan said...

"Catch me in your Net" von OPI und der essence sind sogar ein wirklich fast 100% Dupe. :-)