Thursday, 28 October 2010

MAC's A Tartan Tale

Look who's already been released at Douglas..

Sorry for the poor quality - I Phone pics..

Imagine what?!?! You get a pro discount on the colour collection, thank god.. :-) And I still want that bear.. *g*

I swatched like crazy on my hand to presort, cause I'll wait until MAC itself releases it, which will be on saturday or maybe monday, but I'm pretty positive it will be saturday.

Style Clan nail polish
Ohhhhhh Lilly-darling I abused the brushes a lot to get a good opinion. The brushes seem okay, the powder brushes are kinda scratchy, a tiny bit, and I have the impression they aren't that well shaped.. Other than that they are okay, I expected them to be more horrible.. So I guess it's up to you, I still prefer full sized brushes. One set costs 56€.

I will go into detail when I spent more time with the products and got my own share. *gg*

I'm pretty sure I will buy:
  • The Teddy Bear (yeaaaaaaaaah)
  •  Style Clan nail polish (awesome colour!!!)
  • Semi-Precious Eyeshadow (amazing colour pay off and gorgeous purple)
Believe it or not, I think that's it, I need to save money, really..

Excited about the collection ??



Replica said...

Thanks for the pictures and swatches, I am tempted by the bear myself, although I'll use having a little child as my excuse for getting it :)

Guinevere said...

@Replica That is such a gorgeous excuse!!!!!!!!!! lol Go for it! That is beauty education! :-)

Lilly said...

thank you!!! :)

I'll pass I think. It's probably better to invest in a Sigma Brush set then.