Friday, 8 October 2010

MNY I'm a jungle chick collection

I went to the Vet last week to get our dogs medicine and couldn't resist going into a DM (local drugstore).

There I found the just set up MNY limited edition I'm a jungle chick. I ended up buying these items:

The Essence items don't belong there, I know. *gg*

Let's start with the duo eyeliners:

From top row to bottom row:
309A, 311A, 310A
I was surprised by the softness, I really like them :-)


a nice and wearable shade!


And naturally the swatches:

Gorgeous nail varnish as well:

I really like this collection, I skipped the eyeshadows, cause I don't need any, but I am a huuuge fan of their nail polishes! The brush is just so gorgeous, I love it!
What I absolutely dislike is the neglect of product names.. Why those numbers?? I'm not buying supplies for a chemistry lab..

Did you get yourself something?


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