Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I am SO HAPPY to report that MAC got the Venomous Villains and the F/W nail trend delivered today. I visited my MAC girls and the delivery arrived during this time - so exciting!!

However, this DOES NOT mean that you can buy them today!

They will be released on Friday as said. I so will be there at 9:30.. *gg* I know I'm a freak, but I'm okay with it. Maybe I even see some of you there. :-)

For those wondering why the hell they can't just start selling them the moment they get the products, here the answer:

The products need to be brought into the system and they have to do that first. Even when the products are already in there, there are official release dates which they aren't allowed to ignore.
It has nothing to do with them not wanting to sell, really. Even purchase will be visible in the computer and they would get into serious troubles.
I myself stood before them and nearly freaked out why they can't just sell them, but they can't and it is not their fault. So if you feel like that, cause you have to work on that day and are afraid everything will be sold out, don't be mad at them, it is out of their hands.



amusedPolish said...

:o werden beiden zur gleichen zeit veröffentlich? dann werd ich wohl am freitag einen mac-store besuchen müssen ^^

Guinevere said...

yep :-)

Lilly said...

I can't wait for your haul :-)

Guinevere said...

I wish I would have more strength, more the ability to say no lol, so no worries, it will be a huge haul..

Lilly said...

haha! awesome :)

I can't believe I only got the Bite Of An Apple blush. I don't know I somehow expected more from this collection. But the blush is wicked!

Guinevere said...

you're a good girl lilly :-)