Monday, 27 September 2010

B Pretty Brushes

Last week I was at Bipa, a local drugstore and walked by those little cuties and couldn't resist, even ignored my boyfriends subtle comment that I already own a billion brushes.. *gg*

I wanted to test them, how they feel and work on the skin. Those retail for 2,99€ if I remember correctly, which is nothing.

And that's how they look like:

My opinion: They are okay. When you open them and smell on the bristles it just smells awfully like plastic, but after washing this disappears.

The bristles are okay, they are definitely not as soft as they could be and regarding the fact that Essence has a powder brush in the same price range which is adoringly soft one can't help but be a tiny bit disappointed.

However, for the price I think they are alright. Maybe if you wash them with conditioner they will get softer.

I hope this was helpful for those wondering how they might feel.


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