Wednesday, 1 September 2010

MAC Longwear & Fabulous Felines Haul

It's the first of the month, so where was I? At MAC, what a surprise.. *g*

I got myself some items. Here they are:

I needed a brush cleanser, no fear it is permanent *g*
Longwear concealer in NW15
Longwear lipstick: Unlimited
Superslick eye liners: pure show and treat me nice
Dazzle Lipstick: Liquid Lurex

With the Longwear items, there is no hurry - they are permanent now and I know that Liquid Lurex was already released with the other Dazzle Lipsticks, I just never bought it, but couldn't stop thinking of it either.. *g*

Let's start with Fabulous Felines:

Liquid Lurex
Pure Show
Treat me Nice

I like them. My MAC girls promised me those won't disappoint like the Penultimate liner, so I hope that is right. From swatches I did on my hand the result is great, which you will see at the end of the post.

Next the lovely strangeness which is Liquid Lurex:
I adore this, smooth and glittery. Swatches at the end as well.

Longwear Products:

My Moisturecover is almost empty, so I took a closer look at this little guy and whooo - such a silky, light texture. It has a pump which needs a careful hand, you need very little to cover up.
I had to get it - I will make a review about it when I used it several times. :-)

Unlimited is a beautiful old rose tone with a great coverage. It feels utterly soft on the lips. I tested all of them and had some tough stains to remove. When I've worn it longer than a few minutes I will tell you what I think in detail. :-)

Now finally the swatches:

Unlimited, Liquid Lurex, Treat me Nice, Pure Show and below the concealer



Lilly said...

wow! unlimited is such a nice color. I think I need that one :D

Martha said...

I'm really looking forward to your review on the concealer. I tested it yesterday and fell in love with the smooth texture. I didn't buy it because I still have a jar of concealer to finish...

Guinevere said...

I'm gonna do one asap :-)

thelittlerouge said...

how about the long last liptick ?
does it stay all day ?