Friday, 24 September 2010

My new system to overview my polishes

I have a lot of polishes and I do love them, but it gets harder and harder to really keep track about what colours I already own.
So I thought about something which I found genious and started with that project about a good week ago and then I see exactly the same idea on a germans blogger site.
She appears to have had the same thought at the same time, which is kinda fascinating and weird at the same time.
I'm telling you this, cause I don't want anyone to think I stole it from her and say it was my idea.

You will see differences anyway, but if I have an idea from someone else I will say it.  :-)

I bought a bunch of nail tips, the biggest they have and filed the tips in a nice oval shape and started painting.. *g* It is sooo much work.. So far I reached my last drawer with all the greens and browns.

The pics were taken when I was finished with White to Purple. I bought a bunch of little label stickers to know all the time which colour and brand it is:

I let all the tips dry over night and when I'm done with painting all of them I'm gonna make two little holes in the top of the nail tip, where I left them blank, and will hang them up on my wall by colour.  :-)

So I can see all my colours at the same time, save space and "try" on the polishes :-)

I'm gonna put up another post when my project is finished.

Hope you found that interesting and probably inspiring.



Kyouya said...

majorly clever!!!

Lilly said...

genius! what a brilliant idea.
I wish I had that many polishes :P