Sunday, 29 August 2010

New York Gifts

Today my sister came back from her trip to NYC. I couldn't resist giving her a little wishlist.. *g* And she got everything I wanted. I kept the list to a minimum and quite simple. She's not that into make up.

Here are my things:

The new Rolling Stones magazine with the True Blood cast on the cover, the Tokidoki brush set!!! and my beloved Certain Dri anti-perspirants.

While there is not much to say about the magazine (I love True Blood) and the anti-perspirants (best ever) I can show you a billion pics of the Tokidoki brushes.

I'm a huge Tokidoki fan and so I really needed to have those..

I doubt that I will be able to use them, they are too pretty to get dirty. The bristles feel super soft. The only "negative" thing I noticed is that the crease and eyeshadow brush are quite big. Especially the crease brush would be too large for my crease. But other than that they are perfect!

Aren't they adorable??


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Lilly said...

aaaaah those are super cute!!!