Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Look by Bipa - Kissing Lips

Hey lovelies,

I found these a week ago and fell in love. They are limited edition and I'm a sucker for limited editions and siiince they are only 2,79€ and I bought them during the 15% off offer, it certainly was a bargain.

I got two shades: "Rose Kiss" and "Love Kiss". They reminded me of MAC's Kissable Lipcolours and they still do. Non-sticky, pigmented gloss in lovely shades.

Pretty, right? I hate that I forgot to take a picture of the display.. There are a couple of rosy colours, one nude/brown one and a red and gorgeous looking coral shade.

Some swatches:

"Rose Kiss"

"Love Kiss"

So beautiful..

Well how is the wear time? Unfortunately, not that amazing..

There is no stickyness at all. It's super comfortable to wear. :-) It stays well on the lips, but after a good hour or so the colour is gone, but the gloss is still there. After three hours everything is gone.

Personally, this is okay for me, certainly okay for 2,37€. As "sad" as it is, especially regarding the fact that I own quite a few glosses *gg* I don't have much experience with glosses.

I tested my Kissable Lipcolours from MAC to get a comparison and they perfom the same. The colour is a bit longer visible, but the glossy feeling is gone way sooner than the ones from Bipa.

In a nutshell: I think for this price the glosses are great and definitely worth a try, but be quick, they are limited edition.



Sarah said...

ich hab die ganze zeit wiederstanden, aber jetzt werde ich sie mir wohl doch nochmal genauer anschauen. die fotos sehen echt toll aus. wie ist denn das mit dem klebrig sein? eher schlimm, oder gehts?

Guinevere said...

hab total vergessen das zu erwähnen, sie kleben garnicht!!!

Rosalie said...

Ich hab dich getaggt:

Liebe Grüße

Violeta said...

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