Thursday, 1 March 2012

MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Event

Honestly, the guy who titled this collection should be fired.. Or get a shop at IKEA. *gg*

Yesterday was the preview night of the new MAC collections. The party was all about the huge MAC Shop, Cook collection, but the other four, yes four!, collections were available for purchase as well.

The collections:
MAC Shop, Cook:


The new Viva Glam lipstick and gloss:


Too Supreme:

Quite a lot of new products.. It's crazy..

On to the event itself: I'll keep it short. In theory, it was genius. Cool outfits, lovely setup.

Nevertheless, the realization was horrible.. I love the store at Westbahnhof, but if I know that there are over 200 registrations, I just can't open only one freaking cash desk.. Besides, there just was not enough space.. 

To get the idea:

I didn't even try to get to the cash desk for the first half hour. Even after that, I still had to fight to get to the desk and don't let my claustrophobia take over.. Just ridiculous.. I don't wanna know how many products were stolen that night.

Besides cool boxes, you could receive a free gift if you were fast. There were three to choose from. A bag, rubber gloves or sponges. Luckily, I had two gift vouchers, so I was able to get the two I wanted:

While the tote bag is of minor quality (not like the bag from the Hello Kitty collection - that one was great), the gloves simply kick ass. Soooo cool. *gg*

So, what did I get? Considering that there are five new collections with about 50 products (at least) I was a really good girl. I only got four lipsticks.

"Quick Sizzle" and "Watch me Simmer" from the Cook, Shop collection. "Force of Love" from Chenman and the new "Nicki" Viva Glam lipstick. My first Viva Glam lipstick, can you believe it?? *gg*

There are amazing products in these collections, but I have so many items similar to those. I don't need them.

I'm gonna post my haul and swatches seperately, this post is long enough. :-)

If you were there, I hope you had a nice time. For my taste, it was too crowded. I would have left sooner if I would have been able to pay.



K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

So many collections at once-total overload- i don´t think that that is one of MACs best ideas!
I think i would have probably tried to escape the crowded store-horrible!

Babsi said...

Thank you so much for taking me with you :) <3
You really should regret not taking "Runaway Red" :P

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