Tuesday, 13 March 2012

GOSH Spring Look 2012

I couldn't resist going to the next Bipa after reading about the Essie polishes, but they weren't there yet. Nevertheless, I saw something else. The new GOSH collection, I'm always excited seeing their limited editions.

The eyeshadows weren't special at all and the colour pay-off was not amazing as well.

Reeeeeeeeaaaaally liked the polishes though, soft and basic colours that suit everyone. If they weren't about 9€, I would have bought them.

The glosses were sold out and I have no idea what was in the empty shelves, but I'm pretty sure nothing important.

I made some quick swatches for you, so you get the idea:

The glosses started to crawl in the lines immediately, so I'm sure it will be the same on one's lips.

Seen it? Like it? I think it's a pretty solid collection everyone could wear. I just wish it would be more affordable..



Reklamedame said...

Haha, ich war gestern in 4 Bipas (ja, ich hatte halt nix besseres zu tun...). Den Gosh Aufsteller hab ich auch gesehn, aber mich hat da auch nix so richtig angesprochen, find das irgendwie immer ziemlich teuer...

Guinevere said...

Ja leider, Is das gleiche wie bei bourjois damals

Sarah said...

ich find die preise auch wenig org. ich würde zu gerne mal was davon ausprobieren, denn die produkte sehen echt toll aus und auch das design spricht mich an, aber ja preis schreckt leider ab :/