Thursday, 22 March 2012

Review: Fake Tattoos

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by "Fake Tattoo" and asked if I wanna test some of their temporary tattoos. What can I say, I love tattoos, so hell yeah! *gg*

They have a huge variety of temporary tattoos and I was allowed to choose some, which you can see above.

But let's get to the interesting part, do they last?

I'm gonna show you a lot of pics which speak for themselves and after that I'm gonna share my thoughts with you.

It works like the gumball machines which we all used when we were little, sooo cute.

I chose the stars.

Chosen place:

You're supposed to press the wet "whatever-you-use" for 30 seconds onto the back of the tattoo. Here's an explanation on their website *click*.

Here it is:

Pretty, right?

I applied it on Friday noon. Saturday at noon after showering and doing sports on Friday.

Saturday evening:

Sunday noon:

Monday morning:

So what is my verdict? *g*

I showered every day and was doing sports on Friday and Sunday. Sports didn't affect it much, but this could be, because of the place I chose. The first day it was perfect, but then it slowly, but surely faded.

I think those are cool and fun and their variety of tattoos is amazing. You can even make custom tattoos. They are cheap and I think are cool for three purposes:
  • If you're a Make Up Artist these will be awesome for photoshoots. Just perfect!
  • If you want to party and look cool without having a permanent tattoo, which is a bit pathetic though lol
  • This is what I like the most: If you're thinking about getting a tattoo I would really, really try those to get the feeling of how it feels to have something there. The custom tattoo possibility is great for that. Many people don't think about their choice enough, in my opinion. That's how the tattoo removal industry earns their money. lol I love my tattoos and didn't regret them once, but I remember thinking after my first tattoo: "Wow.. This is forever". It was weird. In theory, some motives might seem cool and perfect for you, but that can change quickly if you don't think about that enough. I always took my time to really choose what I want and what feels right. Not just for the moment. Everyone should do that in my opinion.
So, are they worth getting? If you wanna use them for one of the reasons I mentioned above, certainly. They are more than affordable as well, so why not.

Thanks for letting me test them Fake Tattoos. :-) Here's their homepage if you wanna check these out:

The tattoos were given to me for free for review

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