Monday, 19 March 2012

Lipsticks oh Lipsticks!

One exam done, a billion more to go.. *g*

Since I only blogged about the new Viva Glam lipstick Nicky, I thought I show you the other lipsticks I got from the current collections.

Quick Sizzle (MAC Cook, Shop):

Watch me Simmer (MAC Cook, Shop):

and Force of Love (Chenman):

Sooo pretty..

from left to right: Nicky (Viva Glam), Force of Love (Chenman), Watch me Simmer (MAC Cook, Shop)

I stopped buying lipsticks, cause I have enough, but those were just too pretty! I'm sure most of you own them as well. *gg*

Two reviews coming next, so stay tuned. :-)



K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

Woooow i am happy that you got those 2 gorgeous lipsticks!I couldn´t got my hands on them :-( xo K.

Guinevere said...

Oh no :( sorry to hear that, which two do you mean?

Livia said...

I skipped Nicki, because I thought it was too close to Chatterbox and Force of Love.. but I do have the other 3! They are all so pretty :) x

K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

I couldn´t get my hands at any of them :-)))

K. from drop dead beautiful! said...