Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sárvár Beauty Days

I'm back! We had a great time at Sárvár. :-)

The thermal bath was great and I couldn't believe how cheap all the treatments, which had amazing quality, were. The hotel, we stayed at VitalmedHotel which is directly at the Spa, was flawless as well. Only the food wasn't up my alley.. I'm a bit picky and I don't eat meat or fish and basically all their vegetarian alternatives had fish in them..

I got two massages, a new set of gel nails (yay!!!) and a new hair cut - just cut off the split ends.
I'm sooo happy that I got gel nails again. I was so annoyed with my natural nails and now they look polished and pretty all the time AND nail polish lasts again!!!

Now to the unbelievable part *gg* I payed for the new set 29€!! Yes, 29€.. Here, in Vienna I can't get that under 50€. The quality is gorgeous, the only thing that makes them look a bit funny at the moment is that she used clear gel and now one sees my weird nails beneath it:

For the complete hair experience: wash, cut, blow drying and Wella styling products I payed 16€. No way to get that under 60€ here..

Massages were between 15-20€. :-)

All in all, we had a great time and especially the treatments were awesome. It's only 130km away from Vienna and definitely worth a day trip. I'm gonna overload you with NOTD's. *gg*



Pribe said...

ich les deinen blog schon seit längerem und hab grad gelesen das du in ungarn auf wellnessurlaub warst, ich würd gern mit meiner mama über ostern auch wellnessen fahren und wollt dich fragen ob du vielleicht einen link von dem hotel in dem ihr wart hast, denn ich finds nach einer 30-minütigen googlesuche immer noch nicht.:(

Guinevere said...

ja klar, das hotel heißt vital med http://www.vitalmedhotel.hu/index das war einwandfrei, direkt mit durchgang zur therme, alle freundlich, alles sauber, nur das essen fand ich nicht so den hammer und die therme dazu: http://www.sarvarfurdo.hu/ :-) war echt klasse

Kirschblüte said...

Ah vitalmedhotel - im Post schreibst du Vetmed - ich musste so lachen, weil ich dachte, wer nennt denn ein Hotel so =)