Thursday, 9 February 2012

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Eyeshadows Swatches & Review

You have no idea how excited I am about this post and it's going to be huuuuge.

Thanks to the lovely ladies from L'Oreal I was able to try these and share my thoughts with you. Here we go:

I got six shadows :-)

..Close up time..

Permanent Taupe:

Infinite White:

Endless Purple:

Timeless Black:

On and on Bronze:

Immortal Charcoal:

Swatches of these beauties:

Infinite White, Permanent Taupe, Endless Purple, Timeless Black, Immortal Charcoal, On and on Bronze

I can agree with all the other reviews: the purple colour is very blotchy and uneven in application. I haven't used it on my lids yet, but I'm sure it will perfom the same as it does on my arm..

On to the general review: I love these! Like so many others I find them wonderful in every way. They last all day, don't crease - even without a powder eyeshadow over them - and have amazing colour pay off.

I made some pictures to show you the wear over the day. I used "On and on Bronze" which is a lovely colour everyone can use.

On one side I used a primer underneath (the eye with the star), on the other side nothing, but the shadow itself.

Beautiful, right? What really surprised me was the fact that the primer underneath didn't make any difference.

At the end of the day, almost 10 hours later, nothing had moved. :-) Sorry for the bad lighting. I tried several rooms in our flat and even the cold light inside the elevator.. This was the best shot I was able to make.

So, all in all I can safely say that I'm a huuuuge fan. I can't wait until the other colours will be released. I need to have all of them. Especially, the orange and the green one.

As far as I know these will hit our stores in April, I'm gonna find out how much they will cost asap. Thanks again to L'Oreal for making it possible for me to test them so early.

I hope you made it all through to the end *gg* and enjoyed reading that post.

Love you guys,
These were given to me for review


elisa_at said...

cooler blog erstmal - hi :)
huiii ich freu mich auch schon wann die Schönheiten bei uns im Laden stehen werden - will unbedingt den Taupe und Bronze-farbenen, schade dass der Lilafarbene nicht so gut im Auftrag is, wär ne schöne Farbe... warten wir mal ab :)

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