Monday, 20 February 2012

Pet Head or just too much..

You probably all know that I'm an pet lover and I would do everything for my pets, but when I saw this yesterday I was speechless..

That's just bad.. It looks cute and I must admit I was kinda tempted for a sec, but it's very bad to wash your dog with shampoo or other products if it's not totally necessary.

If you do need to wash your pet, get a special shampoo from your vet.

I know some dogs tend to smell very strong, but in 90% that's because of the food you're giving them. The right nutrition really makes a difference, so always try changing his/her food and treats before using products like these.
My pets smell like nothing, they are literally like plush toys. *gg*

Just wanted to share that, it's some sort of "beauty topic" after all.


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Nagellackprinzessin said...

omg das ist also wirklich tierschampoo?? ich dachte das schaut nur ein bissl so aus, der friseur an der ecke hat das in der auslage. kenn mich mit tieren nicht aus aber wenn du sagst es ist nicht gut, dann glaub ich dir. bei deinen 5 schatzis :)