Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Nail Care Routine

I love nail polish, but unfortunately nail polish doesn't love me.. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those girls who has pretty nails without doing anything for it.

In fact, I have horrible nails. They love to break and my cuticles regularly look like no one's taken care of them for years.. Nevertheless, I try my best to keep them nice and neat.

Today, I'm gonna show you my routine. :-) It works perfectly for me and gives me at least three days of pretty looking nails. One key product: the Look by Bipa Cuti Clean Gel.

My Tools:

What we'll need for the actual manicure: buffer, the Cuti Clean gel, cuticle nippers, cuticle pusher, a file.

To take care of your nails afterwards (optional): a moisturizer/balm of your choice for cuticles and a nourishing nail polish.

A before picture:

Let's start:

I start by using nail polish remover to remove any residues and wash my hands. After that I buff my nails to even them out. Then I apply the gel on each of my nails.

It's really important to put a thick layer of gel on each nail:

I usually let the gel sink in for at least 15 minutes and after that push back the now softened cuticles with my pusher.

 I use a very thin one and in my opinion that makes quite a difference. I have a thicker one from OPI and I hate it. This is mine:

After I pushed the cuticles back, I scrape off the excess skin/cuticle. For this I use the scraper at the other end of my cuticle pusher:

Now it looks like that:

I wash away the gel and the excess cuticle and it already looks much better:

Now I use the cuticle nippers to cut off the loose cuticles and we have the end result. For the finishing touch I used the balm and Nail Tek nourishing polish.

I'm completely happy with that routine and the key is the Cuti Clean gel. It loosens and dissolves the excess cuticles perfectly.

I hope this was helpful. :-) I couldn't be without it. This is my third bottle Cuti Clean gel and it's almost empty. *gg*



K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

Did you try the P2 Feed your Nails with the green pearls in it-it nourishes really well.
I should also take more care at my nails but i am too lazy:-)

Guinevere said...

To my surprise I don't have any P2 products, I'll check it out. :-)

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