Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Nail Polish Collection part 1

This post is for my dear Paulina, who's always so excited about the polish posts! :-)

I thought I share my Nailpolish Collection with you. I feel stupid to even have to say that, cause it's so obvious to me, but here we go: I don't post this to brag, not at all.
In fact, I know that my collection is small in comparison to others. So let's start.

I'd die to own a nail polish rack, but I just can't find one in Austria. Therefore, I have them in IKEA cases. At the moment there are 3. One for the nail treatments I own, one for all the polishes that are small enough to fit in the second box *g* and the third one is full of the larger bottles like China Glaze, OPI and KO.

Let's start today with the second box. It's my favorite case, I wish they would have a larger version of it for the bigger bottles.

As you can see it is quite see-through, which I like and it holds my Gosh, MAC, Barry M, Mini OPI's, NYX, Illamasqua, Eyeko, Essie, Zoya, Essence, Collection2000, Wet'n Wild and Konad polishes.

And here are close ups:


Rainbow, Yellow Bombay, Sweet Peach, Peachy, Flamingo, Wild Lilac, Gasoline, Golden Dragon, Green Hawaii, Holographic, Golden Bronze, Chocaholic, Nero.


Phospor, Something about Pink, Love & Friendship, Illegal Purple, Plasma Blu, Peppermint Patti, Dry Martini, Mercenary, On the Prowl.

Mini Opi's:

I don't know the names of them, they don't stand on the bottles and I bought them some time ago, sorry..


Wayward, Whack, Elope, Rampage.

Saucy Red, Pretty, Pink, Pastel, Vamp, Disco, Nude, Lilac, Purple, Indigo, Cosmic. (add Polish to every name)

In this case I keep all my Konad polishes and also the long Eyeko's.

Barry M:

Matt White, Coral, Bright Red, Red Wine, Turquoise, Acid Yellow, Lime Green, Spring Green

And the rest:

my one Zoya: Midori
my three Wet'n Wild's: Goldmine, Inferno, Jade
my two Collection 2000's: Hoola Hoop, Ninja
my two Essie's: a little one: Great Expectations and the "matte about you" topcoat

Hope you liked that, blinking at you Paulina, and the big case and the treatment case will come next. :-)



Anonymous said...

Great nail polish collection! Hopefully you'll post the rest of your polish collection

Guinevere said...

I will :-) Promise!