Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My Nail Polish Collection part 3

It's time to finish my Nailpolish Collection posts.

This time it's all about my nail treatments. I store them in this little box from IKEA, they fit exactly.

I have 5 China Glaze treatment polishes:

Strong Adhesion Base Coat, Fast Forward and No-Chip top coat. Unfortunately I have to say that I'm not that happy withe the top coats, especially the No-Chip top coat just doesn't work.
The Orange Culticle Oil and the White Tea Extract Manicure Soak on the other hand are mighty! The Manicure Soak makes the nails sooo perfect for a manicure, you can put some drops in warm water and put your hands in it or apply it directly to your culticle area. The Orange Culticle Oil smells wonderful und makes your culticles feel "nutritioned" and is the perfect after-manicure treatment.

My Essence regime:

I love the products from Essence and I have a lot of their treatment polishes. Amongst them a Culticle Peeling!! which is really nice, and several polishes, you can read the names. :-) The Fresh Start polish is super great, it removes all the oil and dirt that is invisible to the eye and makes the nail ready for the polish.

My Zoya polishes:

These polishes are part from their lock-down series. I have the renew polish, which I already dedicated a post to, base and top coat and their hurry up drops.


Two polishes from the drugstore "Bipa", their products are quite nice as well, an Allessandro top coat, my Drip Dry drying drops from OPI - the best ever!!!!! Qtica half time drying drops, also very good and a growth support polish from Catrice.

So that's it. Hope you enjoyed these posts, I love nail polish soo much. *gg*



susies1955 said...

I loved seeing your three posts of your collection. Really nice. I especially love the China Glazes you have.

Guinevere said...

Thanks a lot susie!! :-) Means much to me, I hope you like my future posts as well