Thursday, 25 February 2010

MAC in Lillyland

Long time no see, I know, but I was kinda busy.

Some days ago my Lillyland products arrived, which I had to order from the states, cause Austria didn't get the collection.. Gosh I was pissed.. I really was looking forward to the collection, but well, I still made it happen.

So that's what I got.

Not much, regarding the fact that they also had nice lipgelees and the creme blushes, but I need to be a good girl and only buy what I really need or well.. what I really wanna have. lol

I won't do swatches, cause I have no intention of using them soon. I have the weird habit of not using the things immediately. I never do that with MAC products I recently bought. Always takes me some days. *gg*
The most extreme was a pair of pink shoes which I didn't dare to wear and so they stood at home in their box safe and sound for one year.. lol

I'm happy enough with worshipping those things and knowing they are mine. I guess it won't take so long until I use those two gorgeous products, but there is definitely some worship-time necessary. *gg*


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yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

These are beautiful just in the packaging....I'm not sure I could ever use them....LOL!