Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mini Illamasqua Haul

I usually order stuff from Illamasqua with a dear friend of mine to split the shipping costs, but when I got this 50% off e-mail of things they would be discontinued soon I totally panicked and ordered immediately.
The stress was more than unnecessary, as there are most of the items still availabe, but it was early in the morning and well I panic easily.. *gg*

Here we go:

The first time I got Illamasqua stuff in a little package and not an envelope.

As you can see it's barely a Haul. I ordered two of the cream eyeshadows, Morn and Outcast and the Undereye Concealer in 115, no fear the concealer is permanent, I just wanted it for ages and thought let's order it too. The little tag with the words "This is me" from Illamasqua's "Sophie" campaign came for free. :-)

I have no swatches yet, I was very tempted to order all the cream eyeshadows, but I've heard from several people that they crease and so I was a good girl and ordered only two. I've always wanted Outcast and Morn is such a versatile shade, one can use it as lipstick or blush as well.

The concealer is utterly hyped, I only used it twice and the result is nice, but nothing I would jump for, which is kinda sad. It has a little mirror in it, you can see my shirt *gg*

Have a wonderful night.



Anonymous said...

Loving those eyeshadows, they are so bright

Guinevere said...

Me too, I'm a total Illamasqua addict :-)