Friday, 5 February 2010

Fury Family

I really wanted to post something tonight and I have some things planned, but for each and every one I still need some good pics and it's dark outside and so I have to wait until tomorrow, but hey I decided to post something anyway!

This is not a beauty related post, so just that you are warned. lol

I love pets, I've always loved them and they own a huge part of my heart. Their love and friendship is a treasure I wouldn't want to miss for one day. Okay, enough with the dramatic speech. Long story short, in order to bridge until I have some new footage, I decided to just introduce you to my fury/spiky family members. And to make it super-cute I post a baby pic and a now pic.

I have 1 dog (a belgian sheepdog) called Kronos (named after the greek God), 4 cats (3 Maine Coons and 1 Bengal) named Chloe, Heaven, Amy and Aristoteles and 1 Bartagame. And here are they:
That's Kronos when he was 8 weeks old, sooooo cuddly. And that's how this furball looks now one year later:

On our couch on his dog blanket with his reindeer.

And here my sweet cats:


12 weeks
now with 2,5 years

10 weeks
2 years

and like her pet-mummy she's into make up ;-)


14 weeks
2,3 years


5 months (that's when we got him)

1,5 years

and our Bartagame:

some weeks
3 years

So that are our fury/spiky family members. I used the word "so" a lot today.. I wish I had better pictures of them, but that was the best I could find. I hope you liked this post even if make up wasn't the topic.


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