Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Nubar vs. China Glaze

Another day, another post :-)

Again something nail polishy. *g*

I bought Nubar's Lemon Sorbet some time ago, a quite unique colour and then China Glaze released its Up & Away collection with a polish, Lemon Fizz, that looked exactly the same.

Nevertheless, I couldn't resist buying it as well and when the order arrived yesterday I immediately had to try it out.

Here the pictures:

Look so alike in the bottle, don't they?

Well, but after putting them on, they didn't seem so alike anymore.

On the left side is Nubar's Lemon Sorbet and on the right side the China Glaze one. Furthermore, you must know that Nubar has 3 coats, cause it took so many to make it opaque, while China Glaze needed only 2 coats.

The Nubar one is paler and sheer, the China Glaze one has much more yellow in it. I like them both, but I'm definitely happier with the consistency of the one from China Glaze.

So if you have one of them and think about buying the other one I hope this little post was helpful.


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