Sunday, 9 May 2010

New Essence Blush Brush

Hello lovelies,

I'm a fan of Essence cosmetics, their prices and quality are very unique. So I'm always watching what they are bringing out, cause their trend editions are mostly gorgeous!!

So besides a new trend edition haul that is coming soon I have a little review of the new Blush Brush they released now permanently.

So here he is:

He is a tiny thing, but got what it takes to play in the league with all the big ones. The bristles are super soft and very comfortable.

The shape is also exactly right as I would describe it.

To be able to see how "big" he is, a comparison:

The Essence Blush Brush from the limited Moonlight Collection, the new permanent one and a MAC 129SE from one of the holiday collection brush sets.

I'd say the softest is the limited edition one, than the permanent and, no kidding, the MAC one only scored the last place. It felt almost scratchy..

Conclusion: For the price of 2,95€ this brush is a wonderful choice you won't regret! I totally would recommend it! And I mean one can never, ever have too many brushes.


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