Sunday, 16 May 2010

Requested Post: Make Up Online Stores

Lovely Lilly asked me to make a post about the make up online stores I buy from and since that is a gorgeous idea, I couldn't wait to do it.

I decided to make two categories: the stores I shopped and what I think about them, and the stores I would shop, but why I didn't do (yet).

Let's start with the shops I already bought stuff from. There is no ranking to them: - They have great finished make up palettes, a ton of brushes and other stuff for awesome prices. I shopped there already several times and it worked always fine. - Sigma is specialised in brushes, they are very close to the ones from MAC and have even the same numbers for reference. I love their brushes and they have great prices! I will buy from them soon again. The launched a make up range as well, but I'm not convinced enough to buy it.
- I bought some empty eye shadow pans and magnets recently and was very happy with them. They sell a lot of limited or discontinued stuff and get new products every day. - I do love Illamasqua and since there is no store in Austria, I order from their website. They do offer a pro discount as well, so it's definitely worth checking out. - Mac Aroni (that's her facebook name) has a store on facebook named "Mad about Mac". There you can get the actual limited editions and a lot of other MAC stuff. She is super nice and recently started offering pressed pigments, pro and normal ones and the limited edition ones. A gorgeous idea!! I ordered already twice and will buy some pressed pigments soon! - Besides make up I also adore nail polish and nail art, which you might have noticed *g*. They sell Konad plates and accessoires for a great price and even do offer free worldwide shipping.

Ebay - I already bought many times make up and nail polish from ebay. There are "power sellers" with "real" stores. If you only buy from them, you won't have troubles getting your stuff. I only would buy from them if you wanna stay on the safe side. Always watch out for flawless recommendation and many buyers. - a store that sells NYX cosmetics and some other brands!! I ordered from them once and everything went smooth, but they raised the shipping costs again, so I won't be able to order from them again.

Now on to the stores I didn't buy stuff from (yet). Again, no ranking:

It has very simple reasons why I didn't buy there yet - not enough money and/or too high shipping costs to Austria. - a store with everything for hair, from styling to treatments to curling irons, blow dryers etc. I would sooooo love to buy from them, but the shipping to Austria is like $80.. - Exactly what the name says, a store with everything american drugstores have. Gorgeous for us Europeans, but again - super high shipping costs to Austria..
- similar to love-make up: a variety of make up products, from MAC pigment samples, to refills to palettes, to several products from previous high end brand collections - didn't buy there yet, but definitely will in the future
- I can't wait to buy make up from them, gorgeous super pigmented, bold colours. Just amazing! - a store that sells all those great nail polishes like China Glaze, Opi,.. I would love to order from them, but again: way to high shipping costs.

I guess that was it, at least all that I can think of at the moment. There are many great stores out there. For example almost all american high end make up and nail polish brands have an online store, but the only ship nationally, which excludes me. It's the same with make up outlet online stores.

So if you are american, lucky you, you will be able to buy from all those store I listed without troubles, for the ones not located in the US like me, always take a look at the shipping costs.

I hope this was interesting and informative. Did you like it Lilly?? :-)
If there are other requests, let me know!