Sunday, 2 May 2010

Illamasqua Liquid Metal Quad

I'm a real fan of Illamasqua, but I restraint myself up to now to not give in and buy the liquid metals, so when I heard there will be a quad with all four of them I just had to have it!

So I tried to order it along with the Illumine Oil in Volt, but everything was sold out - after freaking 2 hours, gosh I was pissed.. Buuuuut a few hours later they actually had everything back in stock so I forgave them quickly and placed my order.

It took unusually long to arrive, I guess because of the volcanic ash thing.

So today I show you the palette,. :-) I have a very hard time using new things I got immediately, they are too precious to use right away.. *gg*

I need a bit more time for the Illumine Oil, okay? I didn't use the metals except for the swatches and they were surprisingly watery which I didn't like at all, but I'm pretty sure that was just the top layer which seemed to "sweat" a little. I will keep you updated on how the texture is.

Looks very silver, but it is black, it's just the light.
See what I meant with watery looking? I haven't touched them in these pics and that was how they looked like.

The palette retails for 29,50€ and the Oil for 32€. Not cheap I know, but they look really pretty, so I will do a look with them soon and tell you about my experience with them.