Thursday, 13 May 2010

Essence Into the Wild Trend Edition

I'm so happy that the comment posting problem is solved and I can't wait to read your thoughts to my posts. So bring it on! :-)

Since Essence has started selling in the US as well I feel more comfortable posting stuff from them, cause I always feel bad when I rave about stuff some of my readers can't get.
I know how that feels, cause I feel that all the time. lol

So here is Essence's actual trend edition and I'm very pleased with it, I got almost all items of it.
That is the set up and I was quite lucky to find one that still was that stocked. *gg*

So here's what I got:

Let's take a closer look:

There are three eyeshadow duo's and I got Boogaloo:

I couldn't resist the nail polishes and ended up buying all four:

Zulu, desert fox

bongo drums, heart chakra

I bought two of three available lipglosses:

heart chakra, beat the heat

The highlight powder: a tribe called wild

And the two jumbo eye pencils:

beat the heat, zulu

does the design look familiar??

Probably.. *gg* As you can see in the direct comparison, NYX's are larger and shorter.

On to the swatches:

I won't repeat the names, cause they repeat them, so let's make it simple:

From top to bottom:

The jumbo eye pencils and the swatch from the yellow shadow in the duo

The two lipglosses and the brown colour swatch from the duo

Left I put the yellow eyepencil on and tapped over it the yellow eyeshadow to show how that makes the colour pop and the three colours of the highlight trio

The colours are really, really nice and I'm going to do a haul video soon where I will wear a look with these products and post it here as well.

I hope you liked that post and don't forget - I'm open for requests, may it be looks or a special youtube video or whatever might is on your mind.



Lilly said...

I'm loving the nailpolishes :)

p.s. could you do a post on make up online stores? where do you shop for your goods?


Guinevere said...

sure I can! :-)