Sunday, 9 May 2010

Label your stuff girls!!

I'm sure you all know Mac's eyeshadow palettes, these little things are a divine invention and I own a few.

I have them colour coordinated, but since they have no see-through surface I had to look through them each time until I found the right one which gets annoying over time, believe me.

I thought about labelling them for quite some time now, butI find my handwriting not appealing enough to want to look at it all the time and I have a lot of troubles endangering my palettes with an ugly outfit.

So, I decided to steal my dad's cool label-thing.

It cost him about 30€ and it is so versatile. You can choose different fonts, the size and even buy different background colours.

After reading the menu and choosing carefully what would fit best to my palettes I ended up printing these:

And ready is the new outfit:

I just wanted to make clear: I don't own a full palette just with highlighter and in case some of you are wondering, I do have yellow, orange and red eyeshadows!

They just are in one palette, but I wasn't sure how long I could fit them in one, so I just wrote Highlighter on it. Meanwhile, I have indeed a Yellow - Red palette. *gg*

So I hope I inspired some of you and gave the ones, who hate their handwriting as well, hope.


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