Thursday, 13 May 2010

Comment problem solved??

I've heard that there are problems with leaving comments.

Thought the settings seem alright and the way I wanted them to be - everyone can comment, it didn't seem to work..

I changed it and it should work now, now there is not this automatic window at the end of each post, it changes into a comment site where you write it and you should be able to leave comments again, so please write a comment, no matter how general *g*, so that I see if it works now..



Lilly said...

works fine for me now :)

thanks to you I got really hooked on illamasqua!
I've ordered 2 nail polishes and two powder eye shadows. CANNOTWAITFORITTOARRIVE!!!

thelittlerouge said...

finally !
i was so frustrated !
thank you

Guinevere said...

yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah it works!!!!!!

Unknown said...

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