Saturday, 12 March 2011

Review: MUFE Aqua Eyes Eye Pencil

To say it right away - I was kinda disappointed.. I wish I could say how I love it, but I just don't..

I've read sooo many positive reviews about it and therefore expected an intense black that lasts. Intense black or just a true black is the keyword..

I applied it on my lower lash and waterline and it took me 5 strokes to get a decent black and not this shitty dull greyish black.

Let me show you what I mean

I compared it with two pencils from MAC:

MUFE Aqua Eyes, MAC Smolder, MAC duo eye pencil - black funk

On to the swatches in the same order - each applied in one fluent movement:

See what I mean? That is ridiculous! It only gets as black as the MAC ones when I go over the same area three times and on the waterline it's even harder..

The one positive thing about it - it does last very well!

After washing my hands three times and rubbing on it:

The MAC pencils wash away quite quickly..

In a nutshell, I expected more and am really sad that the result was and is so underwhelming.

Have you any of the Aqua Eyes pencils?


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