Monday, 14 March 2011

What I dislike about gel nails

I know I probably should write more poetic headlines, but well.. lol That way it's at least obvious what I wanna talk about. *gg*

I love my gel nails, I really really do and I don't think I will ever stop having them, cause my natural nails are just sooo crappy, but with everything out there, there are negative sides to them as well.

Let's take a look at these sides..

I have extremely bad nails and usually I have to get a refill after three weeks (my nails grow quite fast, who would have thought that..), but the last time I only got an appointment after four weeks and that's how they looked like when I was on the way to my appointment:

Horrible I know.. But after an hour they looked like this again: :-)

So let's take a closer look at the negative sides:
  • Refills are pricey - 38€ once a month..
  • Sometimes they break, i.e.: when your dog pulls on the leash like a freaking moron or you work a lot with your hands
  • As you can see above at the end of the 3/4 weeks the nail polish tends to get stuck under the gel
  • Sometimes the natural nails splits from the gel as you can see on my pointer, it doesn't do anything, but it doesn't look pretty either
  • I prefer them to be matte, but if you don't get that finishing gel (which is only available it this high shine version) the gel won't last..
  • You have to get used to your new nails, especially when they are longer than your natural nails
  • With the gel your nails are strong, very strong, you'll have to be careful not to scratch your boyfriend while fighting for the remote.. *g*
That's everything I can think about. That might sound horrible right now, but there are so many positive aspects.

I think I'm gonna do a positive sides post as well..

Hope this was helpful!



Chirufus said...

I totally understand what you wrote, I had gel nails myself for a long time. First I went to a salon (2 years)and than I did it myself (almost 3 years)Unfortunately I became allergic for the gel. At the end my nails were so thin that the gel couldn't get hold on them so I had to stop. They are beautiful if they fresh done, but after a short time...and it's a lot of money. At the moment I'm looking for a good manicure ritual to get my hands in a good conditions.
Chirufus (Nele)

Guinevere said...

Oh I hope they will be strong again soon :-) It is indeed expensive! I hope I don'T get allergic as well.. I thought about doing them myself as well.. *gg*