Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Trim That Brow!

I'm sure none of us would have thought our eyebrows are such an important facial feature while growing up. *gg* I sure haven't. I just always wanted them to look like Angelina Jolies. lol

Today I'm gonna show you my must-have tools for nice and neat brows. However your natural shape is. :-) Here they are:

Good tweezers are a must. Mine are from Tweezerman, a brand I love, sadly they aren't so easy to get in Austria, but nothing a trip to the Uk can't fix. ;-)

This rosy, funny looking thing is a brow shaver. You can get it in drugstores, this one is from Bipa. I use it after I tweeze the obvious hairs to get rid of the lighter ones. It just gives you a neat result and leaves your eye area hair-free

Not all people trim the hairs above your brow, many only tweeze below the brow bone, I prefer to shorten the long ones so everything is in order, therefore the scissors :)

For the final touch is use this baby from Origins:

It's the "No Puffery" Cooling roll-on. It's originally designed for puffy eyes and bags, but it is the perfect product to cool and soothe the red areas after tweezing and shaping. I use it every time and I love it. 

So that's it. Those are my go-to tools for nice and neat brows. :-) I hope this was useful.