Monday, 26 October 2009

Eyeko Haul

Some time ago I ordered from Eyeko, a make up bran from London, and took pictures for a post and totally forgot about them. So here they are:

Captured by the pretty packaging and some swatches I've seen online I ordered the nail polishes and the Eyeko Creme set, which includes the normal creme and the tinted one. I'm way to pale for the tinted version, but the set price was so awesome, dito the polishes, that I bought them anyway. And hey, I can use the cream for my clients. :-)

Let's start with the polishes:

Don't they look cute?? I love the packaging! Nevertheless, they are quite small, so I thought two comparison pics with other items might be useful.

Small I know, the lipstick suddenly looks huge! But for the price (4€) it's okay.
I made no swatches, because there are already many out there and my nails are unphotogenic. If you still want some, let me know.

Each of them contains 10ml product and they are nice to work with. They can get streaky, but personally mine were fine except the blue one - pastel polish -, the packaging had something already when I received them and now it's totally dried and I can't even open it anymore.. But I'll deal with this personal crisis later.. ;-)

Let's move on to the creme:

As said I bought the normal and the tinted one.Nice isn't it? I know, I know, what about the actual product, no need for fear, I got it covered:

The creme feels very light and goes on smoothly, which I absolutely love. I hate it when you put on a creme and it feels so heavy that one gets the feeling the skin can't breathe anymore. Not with this.

In the picture the cremes look very dark, but on the skin they just blend in.

Here you see how it looks like, unblended, that might silence any questions or fears.
I really do like the creme as a base for my foundation, it's light and reflects the light subtle and lets you glow in a nice way. It doesn't have a distinctive smell and contains 28ml. For 7€ it leaves nothing to be desired.

My overall opinion: I really do like the products, the polishes are soooo cute and the creme is versatile and provides a glowing base without feeling like you wear anything. And the best: they ship worldwide for FREE. I mean, hello, what are you waiting for! ;-) In fact, the polishes are limited edition, so if you want them, get them now!

Here is their website:


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