Monday, 19 October 2009

EZ Prez™ Pressing Medium - worth it?

Hey there!

A few shared thoughts about this little pressing medium. Here a size comparison with a China Glaze nail polish, it's not that large.

I tend to be quite a perfectionistic and so I didn't wanna press my precious pigments with just plain alcohol, I didn't trust it and when I discovered this product at the Coastalscents homepage I was immediately thrilled and ordered it.

I thought this will be quite easy and after watching the "How to" youtube video on the Coastalscents site absolutely confident I'll press the best eyeshadows ever.

Well.. It didn't work that awesome as I expected. I did it the way it is described in their video, but i had troubles with getting the same consistency and I made horrible mistake: I forgot to shake it first. After two days the pigment still was pasty and nowhere near a solid consistency. There are two oils that HAVE to be combined.

One time I got it right and the result was quite nice. Nevertheless, I was kinda frustrated and tried it with alcohol and it turned solid after a few hours and was ready after one day.

I don't feel a difference between the one that was used with this pressing medium and the one with the alcohol. It might be my inability, but these are my experiences and I thought I share them.
Anyhow, with some practice this might be a good alternative to the alcohol version. And it only costs about $10 so you don't have to spend a lot, if you tried it, let me know. I would love to hear your opinions and again don't hate me if you love it, this is just what I think and I will keep trying. :-)


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