Thursday, 17 December 2009

Red Nail Polish Layering

What an fancy headline I know.. But, honestly, how else should I call it? *g*

I played a bit with my polishes and layered Eyeko's Saucy Red Polish with Gosh's Rainbow. That was the order:

A base coat, not a special one, just one that claims to help the nails growing. :-) Then two coats of the Saucy Red and after that dried a little bit one coat of Rainbow. When it comes to holographic or glittery polishes I very much prefer using drying drops instead of a top coat. Top coats can falsify sometimes or even dilute the colour.

And this was the result:

I really liked it. It sparkeled wonderfully in the sun and gave the red a much more special touch.
Please be kind - I know my nails and culticles are far from perfect, but I have to work with what I have and well it's about the polish anyway.

Hope you enjoyed.


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