Friday, 28 November 2014

Urban Decay in Vienna!

Hello lovelies,

I'm sure you aaallll know that Urban Decay finally arrived in Austria, but it's still news that deserves celebrating!

Urban Decay is one of those brands that are and always will be really special to me, because I first saw them in real life in the UK and I loved it. So when I was in town I just had to visit the Marionnaud where they have the counter and it blew me away!

I expected a tiny counter with not much to look at, but boy was I wrong! It's a whole area decorated with love, I was so excited, here are some pictures.

Look at that:

I mean do I need to say more??? Just wow. Lately, I've sort of had a lack of inspiration and missed that feeling of joy when it comes to make up, I guess that happens from time to time, but when I stood in that counter area it was all back - the joy, the excitement. I could have stayed for hours.

As you can see they have the Pulp Fiction LE and they will get the "Naked on the Run" palette and the new "Vice" palette!! I didn't expect that we would get the limited editions as well, another awesome fact.

Another thing I loved was the staff, so friendly and adorable. You need to meet Charlie, he's directly from Urban Decay and lovely, just the salesman you wish to have. I always think about working on a counter for a while, I would work with him and Urban Decay in a heartbeat. Maybe they are hiring... *gg*

All in all, it was great to be there, have the products right before your eyes and enjoy looking at everything. If you're wondering - the Marionnaud which has it is the one on Graben. Super easy to find, just get yourself in the U3, stop at Stephansplatz and take the stairs with the sign Graben on it and it's to your left side.

I'll be there soon again, I was with my hubby and since he hasn't got that love for make up ;-), I didn't want to let him wait.

Are you as excited as I am?? Did you visit it already? To my Austrian girls, Charlie told me that on Saturday there will be a feature on Seitenblicke. :)

I wanna go back.. but enough raving, have a great weekend and to all my American followers - I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying Black Friday.



Marina Bergmann said...

Looks fab!
xxx Marina
beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

Paige Mckinnon said...

Ohh the store is set up beautifully! ^ ^

Morgan's Doomsday said...

Can you tell us address please? :D

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