Friday, 23 January 2015

MAC News and the neverending story of our Kitchen

Hey lovelies.

Sorry for the lack of posts, again, but we're currently living a nightmare.. We've been slowly renovating our house and the kitchen is some big part that's still missing.

Last week we started and ever since we're surrounded by so much dust, it feels like you're walking on the moon.. No chance in hell to take beautiful pictures.. Except of a complete IKEA kitchen in boxes.. *gg*

Look at my two men. :)

MAC is releasing some awesome stuff in the next couple of months and I wanted to share them with you.

Let's start with the best!!! In March,we will get MAC Toledo and I'm going to be at the counter first thing in the morning.

There are no infos yet, but I've seen this on Instagram - a freaking Cinderella collection!!!!

And if you're still sitting, look at the packaging of the upcoming summer collection. Gosh I love pretty packaging..

The other upcoming releases. A few glimpses.

Futuristic and awesome. :)

MAC's Red collection is small, but still gorgeous. I'm especially excited about the red eyeshadow. I love red.

The concealer range is getting bigger and bigger. I'm definitely going to get a closer look. :)

We've all seen the pics of the latest Viva Glam duo. Hot pink, what do you want more!?

Some new liners and lipsticks are awaiting us. MAC lipsticks are famous, let's see what the new ones will bring. :)

What do you think?? What are you looking forward the most???



Madame Bonaparte said...

I know this "everything is a mess and dusty"-feeling. I just moved in with my boyfriend and we basically bought our whole flat at ikea (except for the kitchen which was already here, lucky us)... our advantage was that we did the whole thing over christmas.. but some things are still a mess. ;)
Basically: I feel ya.
Good luck and lots of patience and stamina for everything!

The MAC summer and red stuff looks gorgeous... I probably won't be able to afford anything though. But oh well, I have too many things I rarely use already ;D
They're still nice to look at though and I'm looking forward to any buys and reviews from you ^^

Madame Bonaparte said...

Did I mention how many times we've been to Ikea because we forgot sth or decided to get a new bed instead of keeping the old one, etc... at least 5 times.

I'm allergic to Ikea now. (Except for the food part, because sill (the fishy things) and daim xD)

Also, sorry, I'm kindof in a chatty mood. I'll leave now.

Valerie said...

I SO know what you mean. I'm wiping dust away on a daily basis and it still looks like didn't do anything in months.

Our kitchen is still "in progess" I can't wait until this is over