Friday, 27 November 2009

H&M haul

It feels like ages since my last post, but I just moved to a new place and there simply was no time for posting. But I'm back with a little haul. :-)

I bought some sheets and towels from H&M and I came across this sweet Hello Kitty collection for just a few euros each, so I decided - what the hell - buy them.

They sold two colours and I bought them both, here some pictures:

A very intensive black and a nice dark purple. I was surprised by how pretty they are. They apply nice and evenly. And with two coats the colour was pretty opaque. So thumbs up for these polishes! :-)

I also bought the two eyeshadow trios they offered:

I thought they were very pretty and again H&M didn't disappoint me. With a good eyeshadow base the stay put the whole day. The colour pay off is a bit decent, but that's okay. Makes them more wearable. :-)

One thing though - the fall out while working with a brush is much. I took a picture.
So you really have to tap off any extra from your brush!

Other than that I'm very happy with my purchase and especially for that price.

If you want swatches let me know in the comments. I hadn't time to take some, I made the pictures in our old apartment and I just found time to unpack my Make Up in the new one.

So if you think about buying them, do it. :-)


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