Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Illamasqua Store Glasgow

I promised to finish my Illamasqua project and now it took me soo long.. I'm sorry about that!

At least all the swatches are online. So here some pics of the store in Glasgow:

The staff was sooo nice and helpful. I loved them!

And as said, as a Make Up Freak and Freelance Artist myself, I was proud that many customers thought I work there too and I even sold an eyeshadow. *gg*
The woman just kept asking about the shadows, so I picked one out for her. I'm still very proud about it! :-)

And here some pictures about the products, some are a bit blurred, sorry about that, but you all know with flash the products don't look accurate.

The foundations in all their glory.

Then next the brushes, which are supersoft and the primers and concealers.


Just so you know: I didn't get them accurate, some are, but for example the top row of the creme blushes isn't at all that orange. Those are reds, but unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph them right.

If you wonder why the "lower" rows have the blushes upside down: They made that, so the customers could see them better. Quite innovative I think.

Illuminators and cakes. I can't recommend the Illuminators enough! I love them. They are so multifunctional. Wish I could own them all!

Here are the eyeshadows and pigments! Just great:

Don't you agree? Well, how couldn't you..

Next the pencils. You can use them for every part of your face, may it be as lipliners or for your eyes.

Let's move on to the lip stuff, well I have to admit the picture of the lipsticks went horribly wrong so i won't post it, you wouldn't see the colours anyway, but the lipglosses worked:

Nice, aren't they. Again, unbelievable colour range.

And last, but not least the lashes and polishes. I love nail polish and Illamasqua definitely made a range that fulfills all my junkie needs. ;-)

A lot of rave I know, but I'm just honest. Illamasqua simply is that awesome. I don't get payed to say that, wish I would ;-) . Working there would be sooo gorgeous.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! I definetely enjoyed being there.


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Nicole said...

now i know how and why you spent 3 hours there !
amazing !
thank you for the pictures and i do think that it's a genius idea to put the low products upside down !