Monday, 17 March 2014

Current & Temporary Beauty Storage

Hey guys,

Moving into an old house automatically comes with the need to renovate at some point. For us this is now and since this house doesn't have a real bathroom, only a toilet and a shower my make up was scattered all around the house.

I don't have all my make up and bath & body stuff here yet, because there is simply no (safe) place to store it, but yesterday I collected everything from all the corners and put it in our Expedit. I thought you might be curious.

Hair products, deodorants

Face & Body products

Lipsticks and a few glosses and liners

Some of my brushes

Most of my palettes, some foundations, concealers and make up removers

cream eye prducts, blushes and a few other powder products

and this is the container where I keep all the items I alternate between and use almost daily. Wanna see it in detail?

Most of my face powders like skinfinishes and bronzers are in Vienna. My glosses and all the liners I have as well. Loose eyeshadows and a few eyeshadow palettes, the rest of my brushes and a bunch of other bath & body items are still waiting in Vienna too.

I can't wait to finally bring everything here, there's just something missing, even though I don't use most of the products regularly, but for now this is the only way I can store it. What do you think?



Michelle said...

Ich bewahre meine Kosmetik lieber versteckter auf, in Schachteln, oder das, was ich täglich nutze, im geschlossenen Badschrank.

Guinevere said...

In wien hab ich sie auch in einem Ikea kastel, aber hier geht das noch nicht gg

Ali Ce said...

I like the way you divide beauty products in different category!