Monday, 9 February 2015

Curly Cuffs

I love Etsy and this is one of the reasons why. Let me show you my most recent purchase: Curly Cuffs

I got myself a septum, they are piercing cuffs. It is perfect if you wanna try out how a certain piercing would suit you.

I little while ago I removed my septum (a real one) and from time to time I miss it. This is perfect for such a moment. They come in different colours, versions and they do look real:

You need to check it out if you think about getting a piercing or just wanna have one for a while, most piercings are just that anyway.

This is just my opinion, but before you make a visible hole in your face which will always be there, piercing or not, trust me I've seen it so many times, get this.

Here's the link. I bought the sterling silver one which was 6,51€. I think I need to get snakebites just to scare the crap out of my family. lol

What do you think about those? Love them just as I do?


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