Sunday, 8 February 2015

Eyeko Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner Review

I'm aaalways looking for the perfect eyeliner, the finer the better, so it was time to try the "Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner" from Eyeko.

I ordered one and got one as a gift. Score I say!

Let's take a look at the tip

One fine tip with which you can draw really fine lines. :)

Before I talk about the performance here is something I found rather weird..

I mean it's good they're honest and I'm used to the fact that half of the stuff we consume and use is from Japan, but after making it in Japan they actually transport it to Korea to assemble it. A product from the UK. I mean I'm not the only one that finds that weird am I?

But now on to the perfomance. I am really pleased with the results, it makes super fine lines and lasts well.

Nevertheless, I didn't fall in love. I can't say why, the spark just didn't catch I guess. *gg* It's a good liner, handy and quick and all that, but I will go back to my Catrice one after that.

I bought it online and it's 16€. Do you own it? What do you think??


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